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Otis 7 Series
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Otis 7 Series

The Otis 7 Series of pulse oximeters guarantee an immediate measurement, accurate and non-invasive of the saturation of oxygen in the arterial blood and of the pulse rate. They are exceptionally compact and light. They are particularly versatile being equipped with peripheral data collector (clip on or disposable) which is easily positioned and adaptable for use on subjects of all ages. Powered by batteries, it can be used also during transport. It is suitable for use wherever there is little space and in particular during emergencies, as well as in neonatology, intensive care, general medicine and pneumology wards. They are easy to use and can therefore be used both by the paramedic personnel and by the patients themselves as a home therapy instrument.


Otis 507

Pulse oximeter

Simplicity in use of and the ease of reading in any kind of lighting, allows for a completely safe use even for the non-specialized personnel, in both external emergencies and in first aid.

Otis 1007/2007

Professional pulse oximeter

The most advanced electronic technology has been miniaturized and adapted to guarantee use also during transport with an exceptional maintenance of the signal.

Otis 3007

Pulse oximeter with alarms

The alarms for the pulse and oxygen saturation and the easy selection of these vital parameters permits a practical and safe approach to monitoring.

Form 7

Integral protective holder

Form 7 is an evident symbol of style with inedited design and performance. It is not just a question of style; style is supported by moulding and functional technology. We have actually conceived a smart holder especially for pulse oximeters always ready to protect both the cable and the sensor while permitting easy access and use of the device even when inside the holder.


PO00034B - Otis 2007 with rechargeable battery

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