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Spencer Rock
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Built in Product 150 x 150 mm [5.90 x 5.90 in] col 03 min 100
Engraving Product 150 x 150 mm [5.90 x 5.90 in] col 00 min 01
Nato stock number 6530-15-150-7524

Spencer Rock

Spine board

The rigid Rock Pin spine board provides a system of recovery, transport and immobilization of the patient with suspected lesions of the vertebrae. The fixation to the stretcher, through the Rock Straps system of nylon/self-adherent strips belts, permits lifting of the patient even vertically during extrication or transportation in difficult conditions. In addition, thanks to four high density polyethylene sliding blocks, Spencer Rock can slide on steps. For the same reason, if the patient vomits it is possible to rotate the stretcher 90° on its side, avoiding the risk that any fluids are inhaled by the casualty. Rock Pin can adapt to anyone, from children over 25 kg [55 lbs] up to big adults, maintaining the attachment of the belts around the victim's head, hence minimising lateral movements during transportation. It is completely compatible with all Spencer collars, and when use of both is combined, the most advanced system of spinal immobilization possible is achieved. Spencer Rock can be contained inside basket stretchers. The sliding blocks make the positioning of the board on irregular surfaces more stable and increase the weight capacity. The lifting of the board is made easier thanks to the peculiar design of the hand grips, studied to maximise the distance from the ground. It can be used in water, mountain and road rescue situations.

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It is made of a single piece of high density polyethylene, injected with expanded polyurethane; this new moulding method guarantees to the item the following exclusive characteristics:
  • rigidity
  • lightness
  • floatation
  • resistance to bumps and corrosion
  • completely waterproof
  • does not absorb liquids
  • immune to infiltrations
  • easy to clean (water and soap are sufficient)
  • homogeny with X-rays
  • totally X-ray compatible (the patient can be removed from the spine board even after carrying out X-rays or CAT scan investigations)


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