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118 Mission
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Embroidery Transport bag 150 x 50 mm [5.90 x 1.96 in] col 02 min 01
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118 Mission

Mobile resuscitator system 10 G

A name which is synonym of effectiveness and timeliness, it directly recalls an action which is precise, determinate and vital. This model is minimalist in design and is characterised by a technology that is a result of precise, reliable and repeatable processing, thanks to essential alarms and vital performance. The large frame is suitable to face the most difficult conditions of use: knobs and selectors have been increased to grant solidity and resistance to the most extreme uses. Even more, the exceptional impermeability of this system make it an outstanding automatic ventilator. To these qualities we can add that the dial is very easily read, even in case of scarce visibility. Its innovative design, its compact shape and the ease of transporting, make it the first portable ventilator that is authentically portable. The external protection is realised with an innovative techno polymer molded using technologically, advanced methods which produce an integral shockproof system. It succeeds in facing any challenge, it can with stand accidental bumps, vibrations, external accelerations, exposition to powerful magnetic fields and external changes in temperature. Thanks to its sturdy and precise core, it offers you new protection: a reliable and effective resuscitation device off road.


118 Mission
Compact even in the transport version.
118 Mission
A 10 G blocking system which is both intuitive and minimalist.


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  • Dimensions: 480 x 200 x h455 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg
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