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Crash test 20 G


So innovative that nobody can imitate. So revolutionary that it determines today the way of rescue and transport of tomorrow. For us simply a new Spencer invention.

To go in search of perfection means pursuing continual challenge: the transformation of quality into something exceptional. The objective was ambitious but has finally been reached in an unprecedented way; Fox. Never before has a one man stretcher been seen that is so attractive outside and so perfect inside. This is due to the increased integral traction that guarantees incomparable dynamics in any situation. This in turn is due to the powerful motorization (pneumatic or electric) and to its secure and versatile frame, which just goes to demonstrate that with this stretcher nothing has been done by half. Agile, powerful and versatile in the corridors of hospitals as in... new horizons. Fox ha no problem in maintaining its starting position: at the head of progress. The renovated technical features of the Fox have given the engineers a good reason to further improve also the aesthetic aspect of the stretcher. The anterior part of the framework has undergone considerable restyling. The result is a certain refining of the features of the Fox which render its visibly technical performance clear to the most attentive of observers while maintaining the typical Spencer understatement. It is simply impossible to resist. Even at a first glance Fox promises lightness, stability, comfort and great manoeuvrability. Different solutions, new and consolidated, play their special roles in the creation of an improved level of operational safety. The increased rigidity of the X-form framework, the six enlarged wheels, the innovative system for the regulation of the structure, the configuration of the board are all the elements which enable Fox to establish new parameters in the world of stretchers. The innovative loading system establishes a new point of reference. It increases agility and reduces fatigue for the operators and therefore ensures that the patient can receive all the attention they deserve. During the development of the frame, various virtual prototypes have been used to create a complete dynamic simulation stretcher. Many projects and set-ups have been experimented on the frame of the stretcher in order to analyse its behaviour before validating the actual configuration. Therefore defined adjustments have been applied according to theoretic calculations on a real stretcher. Subjective measurements with different operators of different build have been taken. These have permitted our technical department to define the final calibration of the hydraulic lifting system. High comfort and excellent ergonomic characteristics allow reduction of physical employment, increased safety and improvement of the operator's performance. Its durability is guaranteed thanks to a stainless steel and polished aluminium frame. Maintenance is extremely easy because all components are highly accessible.

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The Fox has passed more tests than any other Spencer stretcher. Normally, a new Spencer model undergoes heavy durability tests on the most difficult terrains. Our faith in the new frame convinced us and at the end of the normal test-programme it was repeated. Testing a prototype twice under the same extreme conditions is a significant way to assure the best quality and durability in the world for the Fox.


The Servo Cot series stretchers are equipped with an integrated trolley system which supports, during the loading and unloading procedures, the complete weight of the stretcher with extraordinary dynamic and comfort characteristics.
The design of the various elements and the selection of the materials allowed us to obtain a practically crash proof safety shell in the board-area reserved for the patient
The position of the commands have been carefully studied; the large pedal, accessible from three directions is user-friendly, easy and intuitive, as are also the lateral levers for activation of the parking trolley, representing the best synthesis of ergonomics.


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