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Compact Series
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Compact Series

Carry chairs for patient transport

Manufactured to enable the evacuation and transportation of patients in narrow spaces, the fold-up Compact Series chair will find space in any type of ambulance. They are constructed in chromed steel or on request in stainless steel. The geometry, the large diameter wheels, the large handles in the frame's structure give the Compact Series an exceptional manageability. The frame, made of vinyl covered SPEN-TEX is easily washed and has an adjustable tension it is easily removed for hygiene operations or substitution. They fold and open up in just one movement. Thanks to the intuitive operating, the essential postural conditions, the weight, reduced clutter and the contained cost they can also be used to integrate evacuation systems, in public and private buildings, in train stations, airports and ports.


Spencer 406

Spencer 406

Compact evacuation chair

The base model of the Compact Series offers high levels of safety and durability. The compactness, simplicity of use, rapidity of opening and closing movements, the solidity of the welded frame, the secure posture of the patient and the contained cost translate into dynamism, agility and capacity for immediate answers in any situation. Available with armrests and large posterior auxiliary handles. The Spencer 406 chair is supplied with three polypropylene 50 mm [1.96 in] straps.

Spencer 407

Spencer 407

Evacuation chair with four wheels

In addition to the amazing characteristics of the Spencer 406 model, extra structural elements have been added. For example, two pirouetting wheels, complete with brakes for movement and on the axis and footrest to assist the correct posture of the patient. It is also possible to equip the chair with armrests and a large insertable posterior auxiliary handle. The Spencer 407 chair is supplied with three polypropylene 50 mm [1.96 in] straps.

Spencer 402

Spencer 402

Space saving foldable chair

We have called the Spencer 402 “the space saving chair”, a name that perfectly describes the philosophy that was behind the project. Confined dimensions and weighing only 9.5 kg [20.94 lbs], the frame guarantees a loading weight of 150 kg [330 lbs] and offers incomparable movement. Its essential quality is the extremely fast opening and closing, thanks to innovative kinematics. It is a versatile and dynamic device, which permits numerous uses and it has been designed especially for those who have to face space and organisation problems in sanitary or community vehicles. The Spencer 402 chair is supplied with three polypropylene 50 [1.96 in] mm straps.


ST20406A - Spencer 406/B with armrests Less info More info

  • Weight: 10.5 kg

ST40407A - Spencer 407/B with armrests Less info More info

  • Weight: 13.5 kg

ST00403B - Spencer 402/3 Less info More info

  • Weight complete: 10.5 kg
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