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Spencer Italia S.r.l. exclusively uses anonymous and technical cookies. In case of doubts regarding the use of cookies, you can consult the Privacy Authorities website. On the website is specified how to technical cookies, the user agreement is not requested but a clear information about instructions how to turn them off.

What is a technical cookie? What are they for?

A technical cookie is a textual file saved on the user hard disk by the visited internet website server or by third parties in order to improve the service. In particular they are necessary to::

  • memorize the products that are added to the cart.
  • keep the website session active
  • create statistics of access to the website
  • other specific actions (i.e. manage the user’s favourite items, confront products, etc...)

CAUTION: if the cookies are turned off, the essential functions to explore the web page or purchase on will not be available anymore, such as the memorization of the items added to the cart

The user can turn off the cookies any time he/she wants, modifying the configuration of his/her own browser. The modalities depend on the used browser and they are all described in the “menu Help” of the browser itself

Internet Explorer

  • Menu: Tools/Internet options
    • 'Privacy' label, then ‘Sites’: insert the URL of the website you wish to change the privacy guidelines.
      • To allow the website cookies registration on your own computer, click on “Authorize
      • To turn off the website cookies on your own computer, click on “Block”


  • Favourite: Privacy label and set up the cookies


  • Click on the icon which represents a wrench, which could be found on the browser toolbar: “Guidelines” and click on “Display Advanced Guidelines
    • Once you entered the ‘Privacy’ section, click on “Subject Guidelines”
      • Once you enter the ‘Cookies’ section, the following guidelines could be changed: erase Cookies, block Cookies by default, authorized Cookies by default, define the exceptions of some webpage or domain Cookies.


  • Click on Tools and then on Options
    • Privacy label: see “Chronology Settings”: select “use personalized settings.
      • Select the ‘accept Cookies” and click on the exceptions to choose the websites which shold be always authorized or not.


  • Favourite > Advanced settings > Cookies
    • Cookies favourites allow you to control the way in which Opera manages cookies. The regulation by default allow the acceptance of all cookies

Plug-in Facebook and Twitter uses Facebook and Twitter plug-in:

  • If you click on Facebook ‘Like’ button or ‘Share’, by Facebook Inc., the information about your exploration on website and to its Facebook page will be transmitted and registered on a Facebook server, in order to be shared following your account guidelines, in conformity with the conditions of use and treatment of Facebook data.
  • If you click on “Share on Twitter” button, which is ensured by the same Twitter Inc., it transmitts information which will be registered on the a server owned by Twitter and they will be managed in conformity with the conditions of use and treatment of Twitter data.

Google Analytics uses Google Analytics, a service of web analysis supplied by Google Inc.

Google Analytics uses ‘Cookies’ which are registered on the user’s computer to analyse in what way this one uses the website. Information generated by cookies on how the user explores the website are transmitted and registered on the servers owned by Google and they will be managed in conformity with the privacy of Google.

Spencer Italia S.r.l., which owns, uses these information in order to understand how the users use the website. Every kind of information will always be anonymous and aggregated.

For further information, please visit our website:: Privacy policy of Google Analytics.

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