Alpen Sack
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Alpen Sack

Professional backpack for mountain rescue

Mountain rescue professionals all over the world have chosen the Alpen Sack backpack. This strong backpack is different because of the excellent space available and for the disposition of the compartments, that allow to hold a large amount of mountain rescue supplies, medical and resuscitation equipment. Made of Cordura Dupont 1000 D. Alpen Sack is an extremely complete backpack. It provides a new back support (offering constant balance even for weights over 38 kg [83 lbs]) based on a strong structure with aluminium bars that act as a skeleton connecting shoulder strap, top tension loops and waist belt, in order to have a perfect distribution of the weight. The backpack is flexible enough to suit the shape of your back. It has a double padded shoulder strap for a comfortable and safe transport, even in conditions of difficult terrain. The strap can be placed in an appropriate compartment enabling use of the backpack as a bag. Alpen Sack is particularly appreciated by the Civil Defense who require a single device to transport large quantities of rescue equipment.


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