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Professional rescue trolley

Spider is the miraculous result of an audacious and genial experiment, born from a successful mixture between a futuristic, super protective body and a practical backpack. Extreme and provocative, Spider embodies the visionary spirit of the Spencer designers; ready, right from the start, to believe in the realization of that which once seemed to be only a dream. The new Spider is not only the best expression of the off-road concept, but is also the most obvious demonstration, of how technical and aesthetic features, can evolve even further to produce an unquestionably successful union, between substance and quality. Whatever its destination and collocation, for whatever use it is intended, Spider, thanks to the enormous flexibility of its internal spaces, will know how to transform and adapt itself to carry oxygen bottles, the most cumbersome of accessories and all the medical bags you may wish to transport. Very versatile and with a careful studied features, Spider is equipped with two pockets on the front that close with zips that have extra large endings, in order to give safe closure. It is equipped with two spacious containing areas and has a rigid base, retractable handle, with two extra accurately joined permanent handles. The rubber wheels are particularly efficient and robust.


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  • Dimensions: 380 x 225 x h590 mm
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • Capacity: 49 L
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