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Paediatric emergency bag

Dedicated bag for paediatric first aid. Simple and ambitious intuition has been the trigger for the development of the Smart: developing a professional bag with limited spaces, dedicated exclusively to paediatric assistance. Only a small number of product codes compose the range developed around Smart, divided in two aesthetically different models, a square one and a more round one, both however characterized by a strong and clear design. The final effect shows a high level of rigour and solidity, combined with a guaranteed aesthetic continuity of both models, which make it possible to combine one with the other in every case. In this way every component has its square and round model, the first one characterized by strong angles and the other by smooth and dulled curves. A revolutionary hybrid concept for a light bag that offers protection with the rigid compartments and flexibility with the soft internal parts. The capacity of the bag can be adapted to the quantity of technical equipmentrequired. Made out of a light and strong moulded shell and armed nylon. The Smart is predisposed for containing in an ordered way all equipment, instruments and drugs, in order to have the continuous availability of a valid diagnostic and therapeutic support for paediatric traumas and diseases, that allows the operator to observe a child in case of urgent matters or even instability of vital functions. The adoption of integrated systems, developed using a compact architecture compliant with international standards, improve the performance of emergency rescue teams and resolve problems of interoperation and communication. Supplied with seven K Series pouches in various colours.


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  • Dimensions: 550 x 220 x h360 mm
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Capacity: 31 L
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