Extra Spencer
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Extra Spencer

Integrated one-piece shell extractor

Extra Spencer bases its structure on a double weight bearing shell in high density polyethylene, anatomically moulded for the insertion behind the patient in confined environments, particularly studied for use in cars. Apart from the design of the harness, which offers exceptional stability, Extra Spencer is greatly appreciated for the simplicity of its realization. The belts are contained within the interior of the shell at the moment of insertion, which serves as a rigid element. The possibility to completely dismantle Extra Spencer, guarantees the complete sanitation of the support and the eventual replacement of damaged or worn parts. The choice of high density polyethylene is compatible with all diagnostics and the design makes access to the patient possible during the stabilizing procedure. Thanks to its shape, Extra Spencer can be transported with or without a bag, which has been made in tear-proof nylon, and is equipped with a pocket to hold cervical collars. Everything you need for the immobilization of the rachis, at your hand.

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Such an innovative extractor that it exceeds its own expectations. Thinking of the objectives can cause a great loss of time. You define them, review them and then perhaps start all over again. Just as important, though are the paths one chooses to follow. For those who want to obtain even more and are not satisfied with the usual methods, it is necessary to prepare to look for new paths and to move according to ones own rules. Spencer has this ambition. To travel along new paths is exactly our philosophy. Our main source of inspiration is that of avant-garde techniques. The Spencer Spine Splint had already set several milestones which have since been regarded as a point of reference also by others. With the new Extra Spencer, we take yet again a new path, looking into the future. We aim to be the point of reference in the sector of extractors for at least the next ten years. Then we will have to see.


Extra Spencer
Here's Extra Spencer in stand-by. All belts can be contained inside the compartment created in the double shell.


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  • Dimensions: 215 x 30 x h770 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg
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