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Nato stock number 6515-15-152-2922


Anti-shock trousers

Jacob is designed to allow rescue operators a rapid and simple application on patients that have hypovolumetric shock. Spencer’s anti-shock trousers carry out a triple function for traumatised patients. The first consists of preventing haemostasis, by applying pressure to the surrounding tissue where there are bleeding blood vessels, thus reducing the blood flow. The second regards the self-transfusion of patients in a state of shock: the application of the trousers and the subsequent swelling of the internal air chambers immobilize the equivalent of the two units of blood from the extremity and from the abdomen, towards the heart, through the compression of the superficial draining vessels of the legs and pelvis. The third function entails the pneumatic immobilization of fractures of the lower limbs and pelvis and above all, of comminute or instable fractures. The valve, technological fulcrum of the Jacob is made with a precise and sensitive system constructed with stainless steel springs, kept in an aluminium body with polycarbonate inserts. The seals of the valve are made of silicon and Vyton, materials that guarantee an unalterable elasticity over time, even if attacked by atmospheric agents and organic or chemical liquids. A mixture of micro-components produced with care guarantee repeatability and reliability of the Jacob anti-shock trousers, the most widely sold air trauma pants in Europe.

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  • Adjustable in different sizes
  • Separate replaceable air chambers
  • X-ray compatible
  • Made to be long lasting: the three air chambers are separate and made of polyurethane welded with a HFW process
  • The pressure of every chamber is monitored independently
  • The pressure of the homogeneity around the legs is guaranteed by the design of the chambers, which adapts to patients of different sizes
  • Rapid fastening made of self-adherent strips with different colours to allow quick fixation
  • The large inguinal opening allows access to the femoral vessels for the catheterisation or collection of blood, without having to reduce the pressure
  • The transport bag, made of tear proof material can carry the Jacob anti-shock trousers and the inflation pump; the container is over-dimensioned to allow the contemporary transportation of other emergency instruments
  • The exceptionally trustworthy automatic outlet valves assure long life. Manufactured in aluminium they are preset 6515-15-N 152-2922 for the emission of air between 135 and 145 mm [between 5.31 and 5.70 in] Hg when the anti-shock trousers are used without a gauge; the over pressure valves ensure automatic emission of excess air
  • Available in adult and paediatric sizes
  • Navy blue with yellow print
  • Indications

    • Hypovolumetric shock
    • Abdominal haemorrhage from massive traumas or penetrating wounds, that are not usually controlled by traditional methods (for example: plasma expander)
    • Serious wounds or external losses of large volumes of blood in the areas covered by the trousers, during the pre operative period
    • Breakage of abdominal aneurysms with haemo dynamic compression
    • Instable fractures of the femur, pelvis and lower extremities in poly-traumatised patients.


    • Pulmonary aedema
    • Full-term pregnancy
    • Cardiogenic shock
    • Congestion cardiac failure
    Due to these characteristics the anti-shock trousers are indispensable in emergency situations or transport outside of the hospital or in transporting the haemo dynamically instable patient from a small clinic to a large hospital, or likewise to stabilise a patient before an urgent surgical intervention in particular situations (at night, during preparation of the theatre or the surgical team).


AK01000A - Jacob adult Less info More info

  • Dimensions: 1190 x 520 mm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg

AK01011A - Jacob paediatric Less info More info

  • Dimensions: 785 x 380 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
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