QMX 130
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Silk screen printing Product 50 x 30 mm [1.96 x 1.18 in] col 01 min 200
Pre-spaced decals Product 70 x 30 mm [2.75 x 1.18 in] col 01 min 10
Nato stock number 6530-15-148-4198

QMX 130

Aluminium pump for vacuum splints

Aluminium body, aluminium die cast components, with the plunger mechanically fastened to the knob. Strong, light and compact, it is provided with a one-way valve and a wide gauge connecting tube that makes it suitable for releasing air from the splint. The connection to the splint's valve is obtained by a generously wide gauge anti crushing tube. Thanks to its reduced size the pump can easily be included in all splint bags.


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  • Height: 320 mm
  • Weight: 410 g
  • Air chamber gauge: 55 mm
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