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EMSoft Pro
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EMSoft Pro

Vacuum splints

A new version called EMSoft Pro is now available to reduce the risk of abrasions: the difference is in the PVC casing of the splints made of tear-proof material. To facilitate the immobilization and fixation of the splints, the closing strap is made of a 50 mm nylon strap with a quick-release adjustable fastening system. The case is washable for hygienic. The valve, welded onto the PVC surface, guarantees a strong hold and thanks to its oneway system, it avoids air from entering after extracting the vacuum pump.

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The EMSoft Pro kit is complete with:
  • splint size S (700 x 550 mm) ([27.55 x 21.65 in]), only into kit including three sizes
  • splint size M (870 x 640 mm) ([34.25 x 25.19 in])
  • splint size L (1060 x 735 mm) ([41.73 x 28.93 in])
  • dedicated nylon case
  • vacuum pump
  • Ripstop bag


EMSoft Pro
The fixing of the splints is made of nylon straps with quick-release buckle and adjustable length.
EMSoft Pro
The vacuum cushion is contained in a tearproof washable nylon case.
EMSoft Pro
The wide ultrasonic welding and the unique single-chamber design of the structure allow a more selective distribution of the suspended polystyrene spheres.


QM22762A - EMSoft Pro size S yellow

QM22763A - EMSoft Pro size M yellow

QM22764A - EMSoft Pro size L yellow

QM22772B - EMSoft Pro size S military

QM22773B - EMSoft Pro size M military

QM22774B - EMSoft Pro size L military

QM22760A - EMSoft Pro Kit two sizes yellow

QM22761A - EMSoft Pro Kit three sizes yellow

QM22770B - EMSoft Pro Kit two sizes military

QM22771B - EMSoft Pro Kit three sizes military

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