Res-Q-Matt Plus
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Nato stock number 6530-15-148-4197

Res-Q-Matt Plus

Professional vacuum mattress

The mattress is orange. The bottom part, reinforced with handles, is blue. There are eight nylon-padded handles, built-in the edges of the bottom material. The material used for Res-Q-Matt Plus incorporates mechanical resistance with versatile use in extreme temperatures. The on/off valve made of chromed brass with a built-in fitting for rubber tube is resistant to any temperature and guarantees unlimited duration. Res-Q-Matt Plus is available in two different versions, differentiated by the internal material: Phoretex or polystyrene.


Res-Q-Matt Plus
Buttonholes along the perimeter for the fixation of the safety belts.
Res-Q-Matt Plus
The shape of the vacuum bag leaves space for the lateral handles; whilst handling the operator provides also containment and protection to the casualty.
Res-Q-Matt Plus
The generous continued HFW optimises grip conditions.


QM22101A - Res-Q-Matt Plus polystyrene Less info More info

  • Dimensions: 2030 x 940 mm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg
  • Functioning temperature: -30 a +55 C
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