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Thermostatically regulated bag for the heating of intravenous infusions

The use of Energy as a heating system is ideal for the prevention and treatment of hypothermia. It is a union of lightness and functionality, of colour and transparency. Energy is a wrap around bag, characterized by the refined combination of the finish and the wise use of technology. It is proposed as an ideal thermal container for use in emergencies but it can also be used in field hospitals and in mountains. Areas due to a compact form, it can be hung on the drip holders of both stretchers and ambulances and also be placed within more spacious containers. The main compartment, thermically isolated, is heated by an electrically fed resistive pad and is predisposed to contain bags or bottles for intravenous infusions. Thanks to the use of thermal materials, the temperature, compatible with the external temperature, is maintained even after disconnection. To ensure efficient heating, it is possible to connect it to the E-tube. It comes equipped with an electric cable.


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  • Dimensions: 250 x 140 x h330 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Power supply: 12 vcc
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