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Lumbar belt

With the Logic belt, Spencer has developed a product that meets with the essential criteria of safety, prevention and comfort. All of these combine a highly integrative system with innovative capacity of the three functions, in a single product: lumbar support in the form of a belt capable of giving support to the spine and abdomen whilst maintaining a correct posture; limiting also the range of movement and alleviating the strain on the spine when moving heavy loads; a 50 mm nylon tape with automatic buckle for rapid release, to which it is possible to attach the appropriate holster; reflective reliability due to the use of highly reflective and seamless material. Superb design and an excellent functionality guarantee a perfect threesome.

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We think that we can affirm that Spencer is recognised world-wide as a company that has always brought relentless innovations to the exciting realm of Emergency care. Our aim has been to reform the precautionary measures and improve comfort for those who, for professionalism and passion, are exposed to the risk of back injuries. For this reason we have decided to create a belt that will open a new era in protective clothing where, technology unites with comfort in perfect harmony. It is our hope that within the range of Spencer products, even the most demanding professionals will be able to find a solution for their needs of technicality, lightness and comfort without having to renounce style and individuality.


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  • Dimensions: 1700 x 25 mm
  • Length of padded support: 800 mm
  • Length of polypropylene belt: 1500 mm
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