Match 2 Compact
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Match 2 Compact

Emergency hammer

Recently, after market research made clear the growing demand for these simple, economical and versatile devices, accessible for the public, Spencer has designed the Match 2 Compact emergency hammer, used for window breaking and seat belt cutting. A smart, light, compact and efficient instrument that guarantees elementary extrication operations. Easy to position thanks to its fixing system on walls just like a first aid instrument. Single blister package.

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Spencer is one of the most sensitive companies to market innovations and trends. For many years now Spencer has manufactured products like the multi-purpose scissors Match 3 or multi-tools like the Rodenstok series and these items have now become a point of reference for this type of instrument.


Match 2 Compact
Used to break glass.
Match 2 Compact
Used to cut seatbelts.


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  • Length: 140 mm
  • Weight: 160 g
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