Try 743/744/745
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Try 743/744/745

CPR upper body manikin with electronic pad

Studied and produced for efficient training and to be simple to use. Try 743 is equipped with a hygienic and durable system, that eliminates the need for cleaning to avoid the risk of cross contamination between users; replaceable face pieces including the mouth and nose are available for every student. It offers natural anatomic features. Being light and portable, it is used all around the world, for both training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for to mouth-tomouth and mouth-to-nose resuscitation, and external cardiac massage (ECM). It is equipped with an electronic pad with luminous indicators, that control ventilation, compression and hyperextension and allows a full control on the correct execution of manoeuvres.


ST01200C - Try 745 full body without electronic pad

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