Tri Mark
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Tri Mark

Global identification system

Tri Mark a light, economic and global system for identification of victims in Maxi-emergencies even in conditions of limited visibility. Manufactured in resistant, soft, flexible antiallergic fluo-reflecting and waterproof plastic material completed by ultrasound welded. Thanks to the shape of the strap, it is easy and secure to apply. Two reinforced holes allow the extension of Tri Mark in order to adapt it also to other body parts.

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Another difficult and ambitious goal: convince the whole world that identification, organization and time are usually synonymous with complicated and sophisticated systems but in the Spencer-style they become simple and essential.


TT02011B - Tri Mark green, box 10 pcs

TT02017B - Tri Mark yellow, box 10 pcs

TT02018B - Tri Mark red, box 10 pcs

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