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New LXF Kit
Hot printing Product 100 x 20 mm [3.93 x 0.78 in] col 02 min 05
Interest HC MR PA


EVA oxygen bottle bag

Robust but highly elegant, the perfect solution for both first aid transport requirements and home therapy. Wrapped protection. Exclusive details have been added to the high standards of style, robustness and dynamics of Fusion. A more vigorous external design and a smart interior, able to contain all accessories needed for oxygen therapy. Exterior aspects, practical and functional assets combine with an irresistible architecture. An innovative and secure oxygen bottle bag with round shapes and soft angles made possible by the manufacturing technology which permits simple shapes and highly accurate details. Realized with two shells; an external shell of EVA covered in polyurethane and an internal one of protective polyurethane.

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These materials confer a important qualities to the product:
  • extremely low stress
  • elasticity which avoids permanent deformation, even on exposure to elevated forces
  • great elastic memory which means that the product always returns to its original shape
  • high resistance to UV rays and chemical substances
  • excellent electrostatic characteristics


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