Tank Up
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Tank Up

Oxygen tank holder with 20 G fixation

The development of Tank Up has been a way of prominence a particular Spencer manufacturing culture, moulding. Maximum attention to the design of the edges and the contours which suggest maximum protection, even before experimenting the item. Formal, technological and functional research, a oxygen bottle container with very simple and multifunctional shapes at the same time. The air chamber obtained by the double- shell moulding technique, becomes natural protection for the oxygen bottle and its accessories. The front side contains a shaped bag which wraps around the actual bottle. The peculiar identity of the contents is confronted with the extreme simplicity of the container in the most attended balance between weight and size. The certified wall fixation system represents another step in research in terms of shape and function. It can contain a 2 L tank.


CB09021B - Tank Up with 20 G fixation

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