Spencer 190
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Spencer 190

Electronic emergency ventilator

Spencer 190 is a emergency ventilator of the latest generation, with a one stroke cycle, limited to pressure and controlled by a powerful micro-processor. It guarantees flowing pressure, respiratory frequency and constant fraction of inspired oxygen, independent from the insufflation pressure. There are three modes of ventilation: controlled, assisted and assisted/controlled (ABS). The respiratory act is completely monitored. When ABS is inserted the form of the luminous wave allows easy synchronisation of the instrument with the patient. The safety of the patient is guaranteed by monitoring systems and alarms of the airway pressure, power pressure and apnea. The compact structure, limited weight, simplicity of regulation and control of the parameters, the incorporated visual and acoustic security devices allow safe use even by untrained lay people. The control instruments are designed in such a way as to allow clear and immediate reading. The indications have been reduced to the essentials and the commands are logically positioned. Complete with PVC patient circuit tube, Spencer Mask size 4, non-rebreathing valve. The Kompak and Porta Vent version are available.


Spencer 190
The alarms showing high and low pressure, disconnection, apnea and insufficient medical gas, are visualised in a small area on the front of the panel, along with differently coloured LED, which codify the type of power and the state of the battery.
Spencer 190
Monitoring the patient is easier thanks to the simulated respiratory curve with differently coloured LED. The small window on the front of the panel indicates also the ventilation mode and thanks to the back illumination, the spontaneous respiration.
Spencer 190
The trigger limit can be selected from –2 to –12 mbar.


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  • Dimensions: 330 x 175 x h180 mm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Capacity: from 2 to 20 L/min
  • Drive: microprocessor
  • Ventilation mode: controlled - assisted - assisted/controlled (ABS)
  • Frequency: from 5 to 40 BpM
  • I/E connection: 1/2
  • Sensitivity trigger: from 0 to -20 cm H2O
  • Overpressure alarm - adults: 55 mbar
  • Overpressure alarm - children: 25 mbar
  • Medical gas power: 3.5 kg/cm +- 0.5 kg/cm
  • Battery duration: 3 h
  • Patient circuit: corrugated tube
  • Non-breathing valve: autoclavable
  • Alarms: maximum pressure, minimum pressure, apnea, battery, medical gas
  • Luminous indications: spontaneous inhalation and ventilation mode
  • Reset alarms: 30 s
  • Test: LED
  • Keys: digital
  • Vacuum manometer: from -20 to +70 cm H2O
  • External power: 12 Vdc
  • Internal power: 12 Vdc
  • Structure: varnished aluminium with epoxy powder
  • Panel: permanent polycarbonate
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