Emergency Room Watch
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Pre-spaced decals Carton box 20 x 15 mm [0.78 x 0.59 in] col 01 min 01

Emergency Room Watch

Wrist chronographs

This Emergency Room Watch is completely new and original. Its distinctive characteristics are those of the button for winding and the spring action buttons that have been re-positioned on the left thus allowing gloves to be worn without the risk of them being torn. The tonneau shaped watchcase, is in polished steel, with well proportioned shapes that integrate with the wrist strap. Above these is a lunette with a tachometer, scale 1000, inscribed on it. Under convex and shockproof glass is the black dial with pointers. Outside these there are a pulse meter scale, base 15, on a red background and a respiratory meter scale, base 15, on a blue background. Three supplementary dials indicate the minutes, the hours and the seconds. Between the hours 7and 8 there is a calendar with the numbers in black on a white background. The plated, dauphine type hour needles are luminous and there are arrows to indicate the seconds.
Internal face diameter: 32 mm [1.25 in].

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Pulse scale
Records the pulse thus rendering easier the reading of the pulse/minute and the heart rate. The pulse rate is shown directly on the dial on a specific scale which allows for the counting of the pulse according to their rhythm (15 pulsations) based on the movement of the chronograph.

Respiratory scale
This often comes together with the cardiac scale and allows for the calculation of the breaths/minute rate: a very useful function in the fields of emergency medicine and sport.
It comes in a Peltex box which not only underlines the elegance of this object but also offers protection to Emergency Room Watch when not in use and therefore prolongs its life.


OR10001A - Emergency Room Watch dx with case

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