Star Time
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Pre-spaced decals Product 10 x 30 mm [0.39 x 1.18 in] col 02 min 05
Silk screen printing Product 10 x 30 mm [0.39 x 1.18 in] col 01 min 100

Star Time

Wall clock

Star Time is particularly suitable for promotional campaigns of Spencer retailers, in order to consolidate a tie with the customer and to obtain the maximum return of image. So as to be sure of hitting the nail right on the head, we put at disposition our staff of designers, who, after a careful analysis of your requirements, will propose the best idea to value your brand. Of course the competence that we can boast in fact of personalization technologies guarantees good results in communication power and long duration. It operates with one AA battery. Battery not included. Single packaging in cardboard box printed using a four-coloured process.

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The time that passes is our life and allows us to save lives, it belongs to us but at the same time eludes us, running on relentlessly, scanned by the perpetual movement of the hands on the face of our clock. Time is an essential concept that has for centuries occupied great thinkers, philosophers and artists who, after reasoning and providing an exact explanation, have tried to attribute the most precise and correct meaning to this word, to its' seductive power and the mystery that surrounds it. The fact is that from time immemorial we speak about it, in real terms as we perceive it, but certainly, even today, it is with difficulty that we can agree on the “right” interpretation. Today Spencer re-interprets time and the clock by substituting the seconds hand with a sparkling star which is not only our trademark, but a homage to the first clock, which was a star: the Sun.


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  • Weight: 344 g
  • Diameter: 248 mm
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