REM Data
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Pre-spaced decals Product 150 x 60 mm [5.90 x 2.36 in] col 01 min 01

REM Data

Aluminium case for computer

It is enough to take just a glance at an REM case to understand it is a unique product. No one can deny its style and elegance. However, what makes REM a truly exceptional case has more to do with quality, protection and resistance, than with style. From the resistant, but nonetheless lightweight, hand-made internal aluminium covering, every case is a concentration of technology. It has a very resistant snap closure, padded internal parts, and an elegant series of dividers and multi-purpose pockets for good organisation. The elegant and discreet Spencer logo impressed on the aluminium characterizes all the models of this line.


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  • Dimensions: 450 x 100 x h335 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Capacity: 14 L/min
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