Spencer Stick
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Tampography Product 5 x 15 mm [0.19 x 0.59 in] col 01 min 300

Spencer Stick

Luminous stick

The luminous Spencer Stick supplies in a little time a strong and safe light, without emanating any heat, without batteries or spark and in every atmospheric condition. It does not require any particular storage or maintenance; it is cheap, portable and only 150 mm [5.90 in] long. The stick is available in four different colours which lasts for 8 hours. The acquired experience has proved its undisputed efficiency as an emergency and signal light but also for: personal identification, vehicle identification, road and perimeter marking, helicopter night landing, river crossings, underwater manoeuvres.

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  • A special hook at one end allows to hang it to keep hands free
  • It is individually packed and ready for use: to obtain immediate light, just take the stick out of the pack, break it and shake it for a few seconds
  • It floats, is water resistant and lasts in every atmospheric condition between -5 and +70 °C [between +23 and +158 ºF]; it can be used also during immer-sion
  • It is not toxic, non corrosive and does not pollute; even in case of breakage, the liquid inside doesn't harm the skin and the eyes
  • 360 ° visibility, with no lamp, no batteries, no fuel, no flame, no sparks
  • It doesn't generate heat or flames and can be used even in the presence of flammable or explosive substances


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