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Motor driven vacuum pump 53 L/min

Studied specifically for use in ambulances which have a great need for vacuum pumping. It functions with a special dry membrane free of oiling. The power supply is 12 Vdc and the engine develops a strength of 65 W, guaranteeing a capacity of 53 L/min with a maximum of 2.5 bar. It reaches a vacuum of -760 mm Hg [-29.92 in Hg]. These features render it suitable for achieving a very powerful vacuum system, comparable to those of hospitals. It has a reliable and robust construction. On the skeleton of the pump there are M 6 threaded holes for the attaching of the pump. No maintenance required. Threaded outlet fittings. These vacuum pumps are certified to be inserted into a vacuum system.


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  • Dimensions: 150 x 70 x h120 mm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Power supply: 12 Vcc
  • Absorption: 9.5 A
  • Vacuum: -760 mm Hg
  • Power: 65 W
  • Capacity: 53 L/min
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