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Ambulance stretcher support

BOB is the first ambulance stretcher support made from extruded aluminium. It offers excellent durability and lightness that has no equal. The uniqueness of BOB is summed up by its three patents: first of all the unprecedented profile of the right hand side that increases the space in the ambulance and assists the correct posture of the operators; secondly the suction devices, oxygen therapy and 12V socket are integrated into the support and finally a proximity sensor evaluates the distance of the loading surface from the ground to make the loading and unloading procedures easier and safer. The support can also be supplied with electronic height and tilt control and with automatic pneumatic cushioning. The end units and led lighting contribute to make the medical compartment into safer working environment.


Technology at the service of security. The cushioned BOB, is equipped with a proximity sensor that can map the distance between loading platform and ground surface. If, during the extraction of the support, the height of the loading platform is different from that for which it has been set (usually the loading height of the stretcher) the surface will automatically adjust, rising or lowering to the correct height in complete safety. There are several reasons that can effect the optimal height (uphill or downhill position, bumpy road, operator still on board, worn out shock absorbers of the ambulance), but BOB solves any problem.
No one had thought of it before, but a stretcher support can be much more than a simple support. It can become a key element to assist the patient. Suction devices and oxygenation can be integrated directly into the structure, so that operators can work without having to unbuckle their seatbelt and without the annoying wires coming from the ceiling. Bob can be also equipped with a 12V socket.
With BOB, shape creates space. Maybe its an obvious concept but its absolutely new in the field of the stretcher supports. Thanks to the shape of BOB 8 cm of space in the ambulance is gained. Space vital to facilitate the movement of workers and to allow those who are seated at the side of the stretcher to maintain the correct posture with their feet parallel to each other and perpendicular to the plane. The operator is among those most at risk of injuries: BOB is designed to reverse the trend.


BO10000 - BOB Galaxy - Strecher support Less info More info

  • Dimensions: 2050 x 580 x h375-580 mm
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Load capacity: 300 kg

BO10002 - BOB - Conveyor Stretcher Support

BO10003 - BOB - Extractable Stretcher Support

BO10004 - BOB - Extractable Conveyor Stretcher Support

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