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10 G stretcher attachment system

Safety at a touch. A flat silhouette shape, powerful surfaces and precise lines that avoid unnecessary clutter when the stretcher is not loaded in the vehicle. At a second glance, the perfect elaboration of the 10 G fastening concept for stretchers. With its design focused on a specific function. Stability and safety are combined with the dynamism and the excellent handling of the system. When in use, S-Max demonstrates total interaction of these ideals: perfect anchoring in emergency vehicle in the best style Spencer. S-Max reaches the highest levels of integration when used together with the patented Sharp device. A mechanism that when installed on the same stretcher unit makes release of the stretcher much quicker and safer than traditional systems. Sharp is the patented system that improves operator efficiency, offering a handy release system, which reduces lateral movement of stretcher and improves the quality of operations.


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  • Dimensions: 1790 x 190 x h80 mm
  • Weight: 5.2 kg
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