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Sliding rescue stretcher

Rescue workers today expect a high standard of specialization, safety and protection from their equipment. All these are guaranteed with Dragger. This is a robust stretcher that adapts to every kind of terrain and has been built to ensure safe conditions during transport. The protection of the passengers begins with the impact-resistant lateral bars and reenforced borders. A robust double framework in TIG welded aluminium gives an idea of just how many possible uses this product offers. A complete novelty also the possibility to be turned over and used as a hand stretcher. The surface for the patient has been obtained thanks to the criss-crossing of polyethylene 50 mm [1.96 in] tapes, complete with tension regulation. This system consents the lowering of the surface itself rendering transport more secure. To optimize security, the Dragger is equipped with five reflective 50 mm [1.96 in] belts with a quickrelease buckle. The use of criss-crossing allows for a good sanitization and also makes it easily replaceable. It can carry and stabilize both vacuum mattresses and spinal boards.





If turned over, it can be transported as a hand stretcher.


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  • Length: 1890 mm
  • Height: 210 mm
  • Width: 480 mm
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Load capacity: 180 kg
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