Spencer 520
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Spencer 520

Convertible Stretcher / Chair

There’s no need to choose which anymore. With Spencer 520 you will always have a device that doubles up to become two devices. It can be used either as a transport chair or as a stretcher so saving operation time and reducing storage space required. Spencer 520 is a device that uses innovative solutions for the rescue and transport of patients as it easily adapting to suit the operating scenario. Lightweight and robust, Spencer 520 requires less than 2 seconds and just one movement to change its configuration. It boasts numerous technical solutions designed to make the job easier for the rescuer. Rescue manoeuvres are also easier thanks to the two Ø150 mm wheels, the adjustable belts, front telescopic handles and folding rear handles to make the device versatile and adapt to different requirements. The lower part of the frame is curved so that it functions as a footrest when the device is being used in the chair mode. When not in use, Spencer 520 folds up to reduce storage space.

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Stretcher mode
  • Length with handles closed: 1950 mm
  • Length with handles open: 2035 mm
  • Width: 540 mm
  • Thickness: 170 mm
Chair mode
  • Height: 1355 mm
  • Depth with handles closed: 765 mm
  • Depth with handles open: 915 mm
  • Height seat: 550 mm
  • Height back: 870 mm
  • Folded dimensions: 1090 x 170 x h170 mm


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  • Weight: 13.5 kg
  • Load capacity: 160 kg
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