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The never ending search for perfection

Spencer R&D


Spencer’s average investment in research and development over recent years has exceeded 12% of revenue. A choice which gives a concrete contribution to the aesthetic and technical progress in the medical field maintaining a proactive role in the world of emergency medicine and giving attention to issues of common interest such as safety, the environment, innovative materials and rescue.


Together with the scientific expertise required to create devices for professionals, Spencer design is characterized by delicate curves and shapes combined with high quality finishings that create an appealing appearance without compromising functionality. Consistent with the Spencer philosophy, inspired by the achievement of perfection, the choice of materials as well as the concept of shape are supported by years of industrial experience. Conformity tests follow all stages from planning to realization because nothing has been overlooked and every eventuality is catered for.

Spencer Research & development Spencer Research & development Spencer Research & development

Perfection: our reference point

Knowing is not only having a sum of knowledge it’s also having the ability to understand the reasons, goals and objectives and being able to connect them with actions. Spencer knows what the goal is: with the simplicity that distinguishes us, we strive to achieve perfection that goes beyond fashion and rewards the users with many years of use.

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