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Spencer Cinco Mas self-loading stretcher

Cinco Mas

Cinco Mas is a compact, lightweight self-loading stretcher with 5 adjustable heights, multiple access points and four pivoting wheels of large diameter fitted with a smart locking system. It is built to improve maneuverability and carry heavier patients up to 250 kg. Cinco Mas is 10G tested when used with the Sensor Lock fastening system.
Spencer 4Bell Stair+ transport chair

4Bell Stair+

4Bell Stair+ is a foldable chair for transport and evacuation of patients from the rescue place to the ambulance or to another device intended for transport on the vehicle. The combination of reinforced but lightweight frame, telescopic front handles and the addition of slides makes patient transport smooth and safe for the operator.
Spencer BOB Galaxy stretcher support

BOB Galaxy

BOB Galaxy is a powered stretcher support with shock absorbing system. It is ideal to help loading and unloading any stretcher from an ambulance, since its tray can be extracted significantly and tilt up and down to be in line with the stretcher's loading height. Its compact structure is non-deformable and its tray in extruded aluminium is smooth and scratch-resistant. BOB Galaxy can also move sideways to improve the mobility within the ambulance. An intuitive control panel helps to control the device's height and activate the tilt front and back position. The shock absorbing suspension mechanism mitigates jolts or vibrations when the vehicle is moving.

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