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Spencer Frequent Asked Questions

How can I purchase your products?

Access the contact page here and fill the form or go straight to the product page of the item you are interested in and click on “Request information”.

Based on your location and request, a dedicated representative from Spencer will get back to you with the best possible quote.

We have 162 distributors across the world who stock our products and one could be very close to your location.

We look forward to receiving your request.

Why should I choose Spencer over other suppliers?

Here are 10 reasons why EMS, rescue and mortuary professionals should choose Spencer:

  1. We design our equipment with the end user in mind. Our products are built to protect the operator from the risk of accidental injury and maximize his/her safety and comfort at work.
  2. All our products are tested and always compliant with the regulation of the country they are supplied to. Our patient handling equipment is compliant with the EN 1789, EN 1865-1 and with the EU Regulation 2017/745.
  3. We have gained 35 years of experience in the EMS, rescue, evacuation and mortuary sectors and we built a solid reputation for product innovation, post-sales assistance and customer satisfaction.
  4. We operate and supply our products in 162 countries via a strong network of EMS, rescue and mortuary professionals: a representative from Spencer will always be available to help you choosing the right equipment and support you also after your purchase.
  5. The products we build are made with high-quality and resistant material to offer a longer durability and low maintenance costs.
  6. Unlike other competitors, we have the dimension and scope to personalize the equipment you choose. We adapt our offer to your needs, we don’t force you to adapt to our own.
  7. If you need to equip a special vehicle (ambulance, rescue van or hearse), Spencer is the one-stop supplier for it, thanks to its experience and broad product range.
  8. We have built a robust and diversified supply chain to minimize delays on deliveries.
  9. We care about our partners, distributors and customers and we do everything we can to build their success and improve their day to day work.
  10. As part of a strong European medical group, comprising Soehngen and Promeba, we have the financial resources to keep innovating and be ahead of our competitors.


Find out more about the way we work.

Do you have any representatives in my Country?

Spencer representatives are available in 162 countries.

We recommend you to fill the contact form or send us an email to export1@spencer.it, telling us about you and your request. We will connect you to your country representative at the earliest opportunity.

Which ambulance equipment does Spencer supply?

Spencer supplies a wide product range for emergency vehicles, including ambulance stretchers, fixation and fastening systems, transport chairs, emergency ventilators, advanced oxygen delivery systems and a full set of supplies for ambulance compartments.

For more information about the range of ambulance equipment we supply, click here.

Does Spencer offer patient evacuation equipment?

Yes, it does. Spencer provides a broad range of evacuation solutions, including advanced evacuation stair chairs and transport sheets.

All our devices are built to help rescue workers carry the load with the minimum effort and to protect the patient during the evacuation phase in multi-storey buildings.

How can I request urgent support?

The best way to request assistance from Spencer is to fill the Request support form, describing in details your issue. The closest Spencer representative will be in touch with you at the earliest opportunities to support you.

Are Spencer’s ambulance stretchers 10G tested and certified?

Correct. All Spencer’s ambulance stretchers are compliant with the UNI EN 1789:2007 (which define the specifications for emergency vehicles and the medical devices within it) and the UNI EN 1865-1, which identifies the requirements for the design and performance of stretchers and patient handling equipment used in road ambulances. All stretchers are 10G tested and certified.

Are Spencer’s Class I and Class II medical devices compliant with MDR?

All Spencer’s class I medical devices are compliant with the new EU MDR Directive (2017/745). Spencer’s class II medical devices will be made compliant by the end of July 2023, as stated by the regulation.

Why do we deliver medical devices in compliance with EU 2017/745 (MDR) even outside of Europe?

Through the CE marking Spencer declares that a specific medical device is in compliance with the general safety and performance requirements (GSPR) of all relevant European regulations on medical devices. We have decided to introduce CE marked devices to non-EU markets as well, as we believe our overseas customers would benefit from increased levels of safety and performance.

If required by the legislation of a specific market, requirements established by local authorities will be applicable to the products we provide.

I can’t find info about a specific product. Can you help me?

All product info are available on the product page – just type its name on the search bar and launch the search.

You can also look for additional resources on this page (e.g. user manuals, technical sheets) or you can contact us directly.

How can I choose the right ambulance stretcher for my ambulance?

Ambulances in different parts of the world have a unique structure and dimension. To better undertand which stretcher can fit your ambulance, measure the distance between the ambulance floor and the ground. Add to this measure the height of any fixation or ambulance stretcher support system you plan to install. Once you do this, compare this measure with the loading height (height from the ground) of our 160 models of ambulance stretchers. You will find the one that will perfectly load into your ambulance. If the measure is not exactly matching any of the models we build, bear in mind that some of our ambulance stretchers we construct (like Crossover or Cross) can be set to any range from 52 to 70 cm during the installation phase.

In any case, you are more than welcome to speak with any of our experts to dispell all your doubts.

I don’t know how to use one of your products. Can you help me?

If you haven’t received a user manual along with the product, explore the User manuals page and type the product name on the search bar.

If anything is not clear, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Where can I find the product code or the serial number of my product?

Product code and serial number (if applicable) is displayed on the product packaging or is attached to the product itself.

Have you got any product demo videos?

Our video gallery is available at this page, or on our Youtube channel.

However, if you need any more info about our product features or use, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


What is the load capacity of your ambulance stretchers?

The maximum load capacity of the ambulance stretchers that Spencer builds vary from 170 kg to 250 kg.

The stretchers with the highest loading capacity are the Cinco Mas, Crossover, Cross Up 8409, Crossover Chair and the Carrera XL T Tec Max: these models can support the transport of bariatric patients.

What range of mortuary products does Spencer offer?

Spencer provides over 150 mortuary products, including coffin lifting trolleys, compact transport trolleys, dressing tables, coffin lifting supports, body removal stretchers and trolleys, body transport sheets and body preparation tools.

All our mortuary equipment are designed for ease of use and to minimize spine injuries for the operator.

Click here to explore our mortuary product range.

Where does Spencer manufacture all of his products?

The EMS, rescue, evacuation and mortuary devices Spencer builds are entirely manufactured in Italy. The products for which Spencer is a supplier may not be constructed in Italy or in the EU.

Why regular maintenance of your emergency equipment is important?

Well maintained, properly functioning emergency devices are paramount for the safety and wellbeing of patients and EMS workers. Patients lives may depend on it. To keep your medical equipment in good conditions, regular maintenance becomes essential, as it makes critical failure less likely, improves its lifespan and helps you save costs over time.

The servicing period of each medical devices is defined by manufacturers: the manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by products which did not undergo regular servicing.

Find out here how you can benefit from having your equipment in good conditions.

Frequent Asked Questions for Spencer

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