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Embroidery Product 20 x 20 mm [0.78 x 0.78 in] col 01 min 10
Tampography Product 20 x 30 mm [0.78 x 1.18 in] col 01 min 300


Multi-purpose bi-valve cervical collar

The creative process of Spectar was based on two main points: the desire to invest in this sector and a new and multi-disciplined approach in the research. This has permitted us to create and produce a collar, that can be composed in various schemes; each element makes the most of its possibility to aggregate and generate unusual forms, to offer personalized therapeutic solutions. The unanimous recognition in the scientific world of the undisputable efficiency of the bivalve collar, is not restricted only to immobilization effects, but also to the exceptional method of application. Thanks to the use of an innovative techno-polymer, the support can go beyond the conventional image of the punched plate as a rigid and monolithic element, to explore new possibilities and to confer elasticity along with rigidity to the cervical collar.

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  • It perfectly sustains the weight of the head, enveloping the occipital and mandibular areas with its anatomic form
  • It offers an ideal choice of size thanks to a simple and precise method of measuring with fingers
  • It guarantees easy, fast and symmetrical application
  • It optimizes the neutral alignment
  • It reduces inflection-extension to the minimum
  • It minimizes pressure on the carotid
  • It facilitates the control of the carotid pulse and access for tracheotomy
  • It ensures use even in extreme temperatures
  • It optimizes procedures washing and sanitization


Spectar Foam

Spectar Foam

Extrication cervical collar

Classical paddings made of closed-cell polyethylene. The inert polymeric foam features a good elastic memory and the capability to be damp-proof. Thanks to an elevated thermo insulating power, it contributes to maintain of the body heat. Fixture to the supporting body is made of polycarbonate rivets, subtle enough not to compromise X-ray analysis, but strong enough to maintain the set up determined during the planning phase.




JM30025A - Spectar Foam XXS (infant)

JM30020A - Spectar Foam XS (paediatric)

JM30021A - Spectar Foam S (small)

JM30022A - Spectar Foam M (medium)

JM30023A - Spectar Foam L (large)

JM30024A - Spectar Foam St (stout)

JM30026A - Spectar Foam Kit six sizes

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