Spencer Spine Splint
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Nato stock number 6530-01-265-3583

Spencer Spine Splint

Extrication/spine immobilization device

Spencer Spine Splint is an extrication/spine immobilization system used successfully by rescue professionals. Spencer Spine Splint is excellent for extrication from vehicles; it is a device which allows the removal of a patient with suspected spinal lesions without causing additional damage to the vertebrae. The corset and safety belts have been redesigned to allow for immobilizing and restraining of the patient into the device itself, avoiding the constriction of the patient and consequently guaranteeing that the patient can breathe easily. The new arrangement of the underarm straps makes the lifting of the patient possible without the risk of dislodging him or her from the corset. It is possible to fix a disposable cushion Soft Pad on the forehead strap, that can be taken off if needed. The new design of the shoulder support (shoulder board) avoids compressing the chest, when the Spencer Spine Splint is used in combination with semi-rigid stretchers. The safety belts are supplied with a quickhold/ release system in acetyl resin. The belts and buckles are in different colours for quick and easy use, both for easy retrieval and to ensure correct fastening. It is compatible with double-valve and single-valve cervical collars. The patient using the Spencer Spine Splint can be positioned and fixed to a spine board. This practical and efficient system can be used in all situations in which extrication is difficult and has to be carried out in narrow areas. Spencer Spine Splint is easy to refold and put away, thanks to a handy blue transport bag made of Ripstop 1000 D, with compartments for accessories and handle.

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It is supplied with
  • handy and robust transport bag
  • cervical and chin strap
  • posterior support
  • three cushions to be used as padding for he back of the neck
  • ten Soft Pad cushions
  • S.E.T. One CD-Rom


SR00160A - Spencer Spine Splint adult Less info More info

  • Dimensions open: 850 x 580 x h15 mm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg

SR00190A - Spencer Spine Splint medium Less info More info

  • Dimensions open: 750 x 500 x h15 mm
  • Weight: 2.9 kg

SR00180A - Spencer Spine Splint paediatric Less info More info

  • Dimensions open: 680 x 440 x h15 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
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