Pin Straps
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Pin Straps

Carabineer Belt system for Spine boards with pins

Pin Strap is an effective method for patient immobilization media. Suitable for all operations that require rapid execution, without the typical risks caused by the use of rigid buckles such as damage to gloves or incomplete buckle closure. Designed to meet the needs of versatility and adaptability of constraint points for different patient size and pathology, Pin belts Straps ensure a proper operational setting and safe immobilisation of the spine and limbs which allows distance transporting even in adverse situations in conditions of absolute safety. The carabineers allow the fixing of the belt system onto the spinal boards with integrated pin, but at the same time the strap system allows it to be used even without the fixing pin with it using the more traditional anchor slots. The choice of materials and technique determines the unique features of lightness, comfort, stability, adaptability and tolerance. The belt system allows to increase the performance of spinal immobilization of any spinal board, making all kinds of rescue and recovery possible. PIN Straps can give excellent stability to the immobilization system, counteracting the stresses in each direction of motion. The belts are not compatible with diagnostic imaging.


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