Self Switch
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Self Switch

Exchange valve for oxygen tanks

A new system that guarantees an uninterrupted distribution of oxygen thanks to the exchange of the tanks, when one of them is empty. The Self Switch exchange was purposely designed and made to offer a perfect solution every time you need to distribute oxygen without any interruption and in a safe way. The special internal mechanisms guarantee the priority of the first and the second tank, to be sure that the tank in use is completely empty. In order to guarantee the distribution in case either of the two mechanisms do not work, there are two manual valves, that permit you select one of the tanks and obtain the distribution of oxygen. Two analogical displays show which tank is in function. The Self Switch exchanger is predisposed to include two pressure switches, that can be connected to a luminous and/or acoustic source; these will advise which tank is in function or activate an alarm system. The extraordinary performance even more interesting today because Self Switch is the only one-piece exchanger on the market powered by the same gas, the delivery of which it is responsible for. Thanks to the characteristic of having an autonomous function and for not needing an electrical supply, it can also be used in rescue vehicles every time you need a safe oxygen distribution with no interruption.

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The system works by low pressure and has to be installed with high quality pressure reducers, which should distribute constantly precise pressure and capacity. The system permits the distribution of medical oxygen with the capacity of 120 L/min. Self Switch is made of treated anodized aluminium; the gaskets are made of Vyton. Reliability, stability and durability make this device a vital component of all centralized oxygen therapy systems. The installation is fast and safe, it can be fixed by using the holes placed on the aluminium structure. Excellent compact dimensions and reduced weight.


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  • Dimensions: 175 x 55 x h30 mm
  • Weight: 600 g
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