OX Valve/Reservoir
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OX Valve/Reservoir

Aspiration valve for oxygen and tank

The necessity of ventilating a patient with 100% oxygen and, at the same time saving on its consumption, can be done by using the oxygen aspiration valve in association with its tank. This system is essential during ventilation in a polluted atmosphere. The valve is made of polycarbonate in the autoclavable version and PVC in the disposable one. The tank or reservoir is made of PVC.


BG03094A - OX V/R adult/paed. autoclavable for B-life

BG06016A - OX V/R adult/paed. disposable for Eco B-life

BG02032A - OX V/R adult/paed. disposable for Pro B-life and Co B-life

BG02095A - OX V/R neonatal autoclavable for B-life

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