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Belt bag jacket

Produced for the emergency worker who wants always to have on hand a jacket and all that is needed for the initial administration of First-aid to a patient, in any situation. Once used it becomes a practical and light Belt Bag which, apart from containing the jacket, can also hold many medical aids used in emergency situations. It can be organized to have everything in the right place. Made with material that transpires, it is water-proof and that has been treated with a double coating of water repelling acrylic. Durability, flexibility, versatility, wear-ability and lightness are all guaranteed. It has a hood (with storage pocket) and four large pockets, two of which are expanding and closable with zips. The jacket has refracting bands of 50 mm both front and back. The two emblems; front and back, are attached in such a way that they can be substituted with personalized emblems if desired. On the orange and yellow models, the Star of Life emblem has been applied and the emblem of the Red Cross on the blue version.
Carry it with you always and no sudden change of weather will find you unprepared.

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Technical clothing often needs to hold various elements, sometimes rigid, that have to integrate comfortably and perfectly with the attire. Each technical detail needs to be emphasized and praised. Here graphics (labels, patches and appliqués) have a very important role. It is not sufficient, however, that the product meets only with certain technical characteristics and functions; it is important that this kind of clothing also offers a particular style that is in keeping with the purpose for which it has been created.


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