Vest USA
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Vest USA

Professional, sleeveless jacket for rescue

We have used new materials and developed new ideas to render the clothing for emergency workers more comfortable and safer, without forgetting the desire to wear aesthetically pleasing articles. With the Vest USA it is possible to fit out all emergency work and CPR personnel. At the back of Vest USA there is a spacious pocket with a zip; at the front there are two expanding pockets, also with zips; a pocket for pens on the right and on the left, an expanding pocket on which self-adherent strips has been applied for the positioning of a patch/emblem if desired. Finally, there is a pocket for a radio or mobile telephone. It is made in the robust, nylon Ripstop material with a weight variation to render it light and robust in the areas more exposed to abrasions. Reflective bands have been sewn on both front and back. Reflective Star of Life.

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Professional, technical clothing must satisfy many functional requisites; it must offer wearability, give protection (texture and quality of the material) and provide a satisfactory image. We can say therefore, that a successful combination of these calls for collaboration between three professions; fashion, design and graphics. In order to achieve the target required each project has to be developed through the analysis of the technical and functional characteristics required for this type of clothing. The choice of the materials and of the subsequent cut of the article have met with the ever more frequent innovations in this category.


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