Matrioska Spencer
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Matrioska Spencer

Rescuer dolls

The idea developed from the traditional masterpieces produced by the Russian craftsmen and realized in a superior quality wood decorated with the typical costumes and colours of various regions of Russia. We have a dynamic variation on a theme of the traditional concept. The link between the past and the present resides in the intention to bring to life common history. Each set is composed of wooden dolls representing a rescue worker in a highly coloured uniform each rescuer nesting one inside the other. The series of rescue workers represent all the continents, similar, but with ever decreasing dimensions.

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Also in this case Spencer demonstrate how to be the most authoritative reference on the market. Creativity and our matured experience, using elements already consolidated with the passage of time, has given life to an original idea adapt to celebrate an event, promote a mission or reward commitment and dedication. Those who give a gift of prestige want to consolidate a bond with the receiver and be sure to hit the mark. This is why your needs will be met with by a team of graphic artists who will optimize the design and by the Russian craftsmen who will bring colour to your ideas.


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