Spencer Ambulances
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Tampography Product 20 x 30 mm [0.78 x 1.18 in] col 02 min 200

Spencer Ambulances

Ambulance models

The history of our model ambulances collection began many years ago with a dream. The dream of a young boy who was fascinated by ambulances; their uses, their lines, their colours and their sirens. The love for all of these transformed itself into a desire to re-produce, to mould and shape the forms until it was possible to hold in his hands the dream transformed into reality. Today Spencer presents both vintage and current of high quality emergency vehicle models, on a scale of 1:43. A vast number of models for an enthusiastic journey through the history of the ambulance. The faithful reproductions and accuracy of the assembly guarantee to add prestige to your personal collection. Models to admire, display and collect.


CT05141B - Ambulance Fiat Ducato equipped by Spencer

CT05115B - Leyland LDV Van Paramedic Unit equipped by Spencer

CT05021B - Yellow/blue Ford ambulance with Spencer logo

CT05020B - White Sprinter ambulance with Spencer logo

CT05142B - Ambulance Fiat Scudo equipped by Spencer

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