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This line has to be a point of reference for all those who have a passion for figurines, the reason being the mixture of admiration and astonishment one feels just taking a glance at this fabulous collection. The research into creating realistic figurines is so accurate that it represents, for those who cultivate this hobby, the reaching of a goal. For those who simply collect them, these are truly desirable objects, an example of the heights to which this passion can be taken, when exceptional modelling/graphical techniques are there. A world in which technical perfection is completed with historical research, uniformity and knowledge of the facts and places in question.


CT09014A - Set four pcs with emergency stretcher and white uniform

CT09013A - Set four pcs with emergency stretcher and blue uniform

CT09015A - Set three pcs with blue uniform

CT09016A - Set three pcs with yellow uniform

CT09017A - Set three pcs with orange uniform

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