DNA Strap
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Embroidery Product 100 x 20 mm [3.93 x 0.78 in] col 03 min 05

DNA Strap

Belt with integrated re-winding system

The winding system, which contains a sector of the belt, is housed within the lining of the patient board in the backrest of the seat. Thanks to tension and to a simple kinetic mechanism the belt is easily extracted for use. This is the best way to always have at hand the patient restraints and to automatically store them without having to worry about any obstruction during transfer. Discover our innovative range of DNA Strap safety belts, that distinguish themselves for the wide choice of style, extraordinary flexibility in use, versatility in adaptation to differing builds and a very new conception of storage along with all the traditional characteristics of the Spencer belts; reliability, safety and maximum levels of durability and dual compatibility.

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Through the interpretation of the needs of rescue workers, Spencer continues to evolve and establish new trends rather than just follow them. From the onset the challenge has been to overcome the boundaries of space and the limitations of the belts in order to meet the daily needs of stretchers in every part of the world. The answer to this challenge is in the DNA Strap. Here we have a retractable belt that is an optional for all Spencer products that are equipped with the DNA system.


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