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Integrated fixation system for stretchers

A single body for a quick and accurate fixing to the loading board. HUX, thanks to its integrated linear structure, minimizes the time and the difficulty of alignment during installation. The structure is composed of a single piece, ensuring total simplicity in both assembly and use. The linear silhouette of HUX avoids unnecessary clutter when the stretcher is not loaded on the vehicle and provides stable and secure anchorage during use. Stretcher release takes place with the greatest of ease by actioning the release latch mechanism on the rear lock. The device reacts simultaneously on both the anterior and posterior parts of the stretcher, ensuring less noise and perfect stability. First responders can carry out rescue operations with maximum safety. The patient is secure and appreciated the perfect stability of the stretcher. The weight of HUX is minimized thanks to the choice of cutting-edge materials and a careful study of the geometry. The rear lock which is easily adjusted, facilitates installation. For proper use of HUX, the stretcher needs to be equipped with specific runner profiles.


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  • Dimensions: 1625 x 190 x h80 mm
  • Weight: 5.6 kg
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