Sensor Lock
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Sensor Lock

10 g electro-mechanical fastening system for stretchers

Improve performance hand in hand with security. For this we developed Sensor Lock, the innovative fixing system electromechanical 10 G for stretchers that allows safe anchorage in vehicles while minimizing clutter space. The elettro-meccanical Sensor Lock integrates an unlocking system that interfaces with the Sharp Sensor Lock stretcher system which allows unlocking without needing to act on the fixing system. Thanks to a single body structure, the device is installed with no difficulty in alignment between the front and rear and acts simultaneously on both front and back of the stretcher increasing the safety of the coupling. Sensor Lock comes with a digital meter to register stretcher loading and unloading cycles which is most important for keeping control of the use of equipment and the necessity of maintenance. Moreover, thanks to an acoustic signal that confirms the blocking and unblocking of the stretcher and indicators that monitor the status of the coupling between stretcher and fixing system, safety is enormously improved both for patient and operator.

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  • 12 volt electrical connection
  • Compatible with Cinco Mas stretcher


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  • Dimensions: 1790 x 190 x h80 mm
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