STX 537/518/538
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Hot printing Product 80 x 30 mm [3.14 x 1.18 in] col 02 min 01

STX 537/518/538

Universal floatation systems for basket stretchers

Easy to apply. A must for water rescue and to assure patients in a vertical position. Made of high density polyethylene, covered in SPEN-TEX or strong vinyl coated nylon material. The belts used for the fastening to the basket are made of non-rotting polypropylene attached with treble seaming to the material of the cover. The locking system and buckles are made of nylon 6 that guarantees performance and durability, even in extreme weather and environmental conditions. Some floatation systems are characterized by a reflective band that improves safety and eases locating in conditions of low visibility.


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