Cross Incubator
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Cross Incubator

Self loading trolley for incubator

The self loading Cross Incubator trolley for incubator is designed for safe, fast and pratical transport. The incubator can be fixed thanks to two supports that slide along the surface of the stainless steel trolley which improves operator comfort. Cross Incubator is equipped with a stainless steel table that will not rust, is easy to sanitize, has dedicated space for the lung ventilators, parameter monitors and everything you need in an emergency situation. The steel frame, offers maximum strength and durability possible to the trolley. The height of the trolley can be adjusted to an intermediate position for easy access to the incubator. Thanks to the suspension with patented SCS (Spencer Compliance Suspension), shock absorption totals up to 3 cm high which improves patient comfort and combines with advanced noise reduction. The 200 mm rear wheels are equipped with position brake. The swivel action and manoeuvrability are impeccable. The front of the cart can be shortened to permit use in elevators and in confined spaces. The Cross trolley for incubators is fully compliant to the requirements of fixing between trolley and vehicle stipulated in EN 1789 and is compatible with most termoculle on the market.


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  • Length: 1980 mm
  • Shortened length: 1660 mm
  • Width: 580 mm
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Load capacity: 170 kg
  • Loading height: 520 - 700 mm
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