Cinco Mas
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Engraving Product 100 x 30 mm [3.93 x 1.18 in] col 00 min 10
Pre-spaced decals Product 100 x 20 mm [3.93 x 0.78 in] col 01 min 01
Interest FR MC MI PA
Crash test 10 G

Cinco Mas

Self loading 10 G stretcher with 5 adjustable heights

Cinco Mas is a compact, lightweight self loading stretcher with 5 adjustable heights created for maximum ease of use. Unlocking of the varying heights is done by a moulded frame positioned along the entire front of the stretcher. Its operation mode has been designed to prompt the operator for correct use when changing configuration. Innovative is also positioning the Twist system release knob, which enables you to make the front wheels swivel by pressing one of the two controls on the front of the stretcher. Cinco Mas legs bend independently during loading and open automatically during unloading to improve the operator’s performance. Thanks to the Sharp Sensor Lock integrated into the release handle of the legs, you can also unlock the stretcher from the fixing system without having to operate the controls on the fasteners. Cinco Mas is certified 10 G when used with the Sensor Lock fastening system. Integrated strap retractor seatbelts DNA are supplied as standard.


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  • Length: 1970 mm
  • Width: 570 mm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Load capacity: 250 kg
  • Wheel diameter: 200 mm
  • Brakes: posterior
  • Reclining sidebars - Length: 680 mm
  • Reclining sidebars - Height: 200 mm
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